Liquid Gold

goldenToday was the most beautiful, perfect autumn day in NYC. The first official weekend of fall brought crisp, sunny weather ideal for cozying up in a leather jacket and thin cashmere scarf, strolling the streets in SoHo and stopping for long, lazy brunches with friends. It has been the weekend that fall dreams are made of! Girls about town are rocking rich red, hunter green, and chestnut brown, while knee-high boots and fur make their annual debut. But on the not-so-pretty side, the drop in humidity has brought about a sudden change in skin from soft and dewy to dry and peely. Derm patients are pouring in with tales of flaky skin and brittle hair woe! My top pick for this fall? Everyone get your hands on some essential oil STAT!

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Silky by Summer

Laetitia-Casta-Miguel-Reveriego-Fashiontography-1Over dinner last week at my favorite NYC restaurant of the moment, Perla, some friends and I were defying the icy March wind by discussing ideas for summer trips. As the dream vacation wish list bounced wistfully from lobster bakes on the beach in Montauk to people watching by the pool at Hotel du Cap, I began making a mental beauty checklist.

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Perfect Peepers


On my eternal quest for “natural” beauty, I have thought a lot about lashes. As anyone who has ever worn mascara knows, long and lush can transform your look from sleepy plain jane to sultry siren in seconds, maximizing your youthful, “I’ve got a secret” appearance. But even for those of us who were blessed with Bambi eyes from birth, years of curling, less-than-gentle removal of eye makeup (or late nights when we forget to remove it altogether) and age take a toll, leaving our lashes a shade short of perfection.

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Glow Getter

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 5.34.48 PM

It’s that time of year in New York when everyone I know, myself conspicuously included, would give their right arm to be basking in the sunshine, umbrella drink in hand, at the beach on some remote island close to the equator. Golden sunshine envelops you as salt water the color of an aquamarine laps at your toes. The sound of the ocean is all you hear, and tranquility takes over… until you awaken from your daydream to find that it was all a mirage.

Don’t lose hope just yet – summer may be a few months away, but you can still look like you’ve been living the dream! Even those of us who shun the sun will admit that we look healthier and happier with a little glow, and these days we can get it without a ray ever touching our well-protected peau.

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Living Out Your Rapunzel Fantasy


Hair: most women I know have a love-hate relationship with theirs, spending countless hours in the salon and in front of the mirror, curling, twisting, pulling, dyeing, extending, and shaping it to perfection. The endless lengths we go to just to create an appearance of natural ease remind me of what my elegant southern grandmother used to say affectionately to me when I was little: “Darling, beauty must suffer!” But ironically, the tricks intended to maximize our natural beauty, combined with the everyday stress of living in the modern world and an ever-ticking biological clock eventually leave us with hair that is damaged, dry, brittle, and thinning. Ugh! If only there were a magic pill that could help us to achieve the long, thick, luxuriously silky hair reminiscent of mermaids and Brazilian supermodels that we all so desire!

Enter Viviscal, a dietary supplement made of a marine complex including shark and mollusk powders, horsetail, millet, biotin, niacin and zinc. I discovered this little gem one afternoon when I wandered into C.O. Bigelow in search of a beauty boost. The pharmacist and I struck up a conversation, and he informed me that he had a product he could hardly keep on the shelves, especially during NY fashion week when models from all over the world would come in and buy it by the caseload. I couldn’t resist and decided to give it a whirl.

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